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Theological Implications


Is the psychedelic realm "real?"

When we trip, does the mind go somewhere else? Do we enter a spiritual realm? Can we actually meet God? Or is it all in our heads, like any other hallucination?

Joe Rogan and other internet personalities have claimed that Jesus never existed. Instead, He was a hallucinogenic mushroom. Is there any validity to these claims?

Magic Mushroom.jpeg

What about Pharmakeia

The Bible condemns potion-making, witchcraft, and oracles. Does the use of psychedelic drugs fall into these categories? Is it a sin like idolatry or sorcery?

Christian Psychedelic Dialogue
with Indigenous Religion

People used psychedelic substances at least 2,000 years before the first words of the Hebrew Bible were written. If Christians are to use psychedelic substances, they must do so while respecting and interacting with indigenous traditions three times older than the Bible.


Are Psychedelics in the Bible?

Did Ezekiel see Machine Elves? Was Isaiah on DMT? Did Moses see the Burning Bush because of mushrooms? Don't believe everything you read. The truth is much more complicated, yet even more exciting!

Are All Religions The Same?

Psychedelic experiences have led some to conclude that there is one, mystical truth behind all religions, and it is accessible to every religion. Is this true? How would this affect the Christian Gospel?

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